Tuesday, August 17, 2004

RANT: Kneecap the numbskull

A while back, I described my plan for spectators who invade the field of play. Snipers as a first choice. But hurt the twits, drunk or not, who can't keep their seat in the stands.

Yesterday, of course, a Canadian once again proved a horse's patootie in jumping into the pool during the Olympic men's synchro diving final. He did it as a publicity stunt for a casino in Quebec. He's the same lamebrain who pulled the same crap during the World Figure Skating Championship. He got paid after the fact by the casino, who shall remain nameless here, lest they derive more publicity.

So, here's the plan to handle the situation. First, the Greek police, hopefully helped the twit fall down a few sets of stairs. Something permanent, maybe a badly dislocated kneecap? Then, they should throw the brainless boob into the worst prison Greece has for a year. THEN, they tattoo "I'm a MORON" in big letters on the guy's chest. THEN, and this is the good part, they deport the guy to Baghdad International Airport with a fake American passport. Maybe nature will take its course and we'll never hear from the nebbish ever again.

Oh, I also tell the folks at the Indian casino owners that paid off the mook the first time, that any financial dealings with him this time will result in the forceable closing of the casino permanently.

Lastly, but not leastly, the Canadian diving coach and the head of Canadian security at the Games, who both blithely suggested the whole thing was no big thing, should both be bopped over the head with a tutu. They SHOULD have been angry and embarrassed.

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