Monday, March 23, 2009

MISC: Ideas That MIGHT Make You Go Hmmmmm!

Sometime today, I will get down to the nitty-gritty of writing the final seven movie reviews of my ongoing series, My Favourite Movies of the Twentieth Century. But for right now, some random ideas that occurred to me over the last fortnight.

The American government is grappling with finding a legal way to get back those AGI bonuses. Seems there's laws on the book that prevent targeting such a small group of people. So, here's the overall law that fixes THAT problem and future problems. Publicly-held companies cannot pay out bonuses if the company failed to make an after-tax profit during the financial year in question. All existing bonus arrangements immediately become null and void where prohibited by (the new) law. This would effect the twits with retention bonuses (aka blackmail) and even better, the CEO's who issue themselves bonuses and golden parachutes while sending their companies careening to the basement.

Solar Power. Wind Generated Power. Let's do both at once. Set up turbines with solar panels and have them generate power of each kind.

In this time of willing (and wanting) more regulation in industry, specifically the financial industry, maybe some can sop over into the TV biz. First rule I'd make as national broadcast czar? TV programs start and end on the hour or half-hour. First company NOT broadcasting a live event that runs a minute or two long, I'd fine 'em a million bucks and double the penalty each time out. I haven't watched a single moment of American Idol this year, and I won't be changing that statement any time soon. Problem is, I can't watch any show that follows it either. HEAR THAT ADVERTISERS!

Is Canada's TV industry so destitute of male actors any more that Adam MacDonald appears on BOTH of CBC's prime-time newbies, Being Erica and Wild Roses? It's the same role (different names) on both shows with the Wild Roses character being only a little less of a lout, when he's not drunk or stoned. And while we are at it, can anybody explain why Being Erica is so well-written while Wild Roses is the new definition of terrible? On the other hand, the music over the opening credits in Wild Roses is GREAT (Black Horse and Cherry Tree) while Being Erica's theme song makes me wish for fingernails being dragged over a blackboard.

Finally, I DID get an answer to what you call a citizen of Niger. They are Nigeriens, as opposed to Nigerians, who come from Nigeria.

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