Friday, July 24, 2009

HARDWARE: Disk Media

I get asked every now and then by a friend or family member as to which brand of blank DVD's to buy. The answer is ... ask Patrick. I buy them in bulk from his supplier. Usually, they are TDK, Maxell or iMation. That's not top of the line, but when I burn off stuff, it's usually two copies. I burn at the 4x speed for DVD's and 24x speed for CD's, despite buying media rated for higher speeds and having the burners to burn at those higher speeds.

That combo seems to work for me. I rarely have had problems reading disks burnt at the slower speeds on the 'B' rated disks. So I think I get a decent price to performance ratio.

However, I think I'm going to abdicate Patrick's role for this question and start directing people to this site:

Bluntly, it does a good job of pointing out the advantages of good media and the names that make the 'A' list. Bob Thompson, who's word on hardware matters, matters a lot to me, touts Taiyo as well. Don't know how much access to Taiyo we have up here in Canada, but it might pay to look. Afterall, if you make one and only one copy of your wedding stuff, it might be worth having the best possible disk holding those memories.

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