Sunday, November 15, 2009


Brandon Jennings had a decent night out tonight for the Milwaukee Bucks. The rookie put up 55 for the Bucks and that makes my prediction that he'd be the biggest flop amongst rookie picks this past summer look bad. Really bad. Really, REALLY bad.

On the other hand, I still have time. Afterall, less than 10 games in to Channing Frye's career, the one-time New York Knick was making my calls for doom and gloom for his future look almost as bad. THAT didn't work out too badly for me, although he seems to have come back to solid sub status with Phoenix this year. And Jennings has a LOT of Stephon Marbury in him. Talent and swagger don't always mix. Some times it leads to self-immolation.

So I wait. The fuse is lit. Maybe he blows all up or maybe he blows up. Don't like my chances now, but life is long.

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