Sunday, September 19, 2010

SOFTWARE: BlogJet, The Aftermath

Back last month, I started using BlogJet to post here at Mug Shots. It was easier to use in many ways than the editor I was using here at Blogger. I was especially taken by the ability to have a much larger editing window. So I used it for the full 30-day trial.

And then, I let it lapse.

As an editor, it was better than Blogger's editor, but not 40 bucks better. I also didn't use very much of its considerable 'other' capabilities, since I just sling words onto these pages and don't do much more than that. Since I average about 25 page views a day here, that seems about all the effort that this is worth. It's simply a release for me ... and some documentation up in the air for my system setup.

So, I returned this past week to using the built-in Blogger editor. I decided I should take a walk through the current settings to see what's been new recently. And I discovered the editor here I HAD been using had been superseded by one that was much newer (and nicer). PLUS, it turns out my use of the old editor was about to become impossible to continue with. The "Soon to be deprecated" message made it clear I was no longer going to get the choice. It was the newer one rather than the older one. No choice offered. Real Soon Now.

So, I switched. As you know, I find forced switching traumatic in most cases. I point out that I still have rotary dial telephone service here. Change is NOT my forte. But this is one change I can live with. Especially since the new editor EXPANDS the editing window once you get a certain number of characters entered. And since I am, afterall, The Pleonastic Prince, there are precious few entries here that do NOT require the extra space.

Don't particularly like the two-click approach to scheduling a posting rather than publishing it immediately. And having a new tab in Firefox created for previewing is a pain. But generally I like the new interface so far. And whoever decided to change the itty bitty tiny little chains icon to the word LINK for inputting links, is to be given a raise and a window office on the corner.

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