Thursday, December 02, 2010

LIFE: The 2010 Christmas Tree Ceremony

I yet live! Oops, that was John Carter of Mars. But it still applies to me. Survived a Wednesday with evil intentions. Capped it with the yearly raising of the Christmas Tree from basement darkness to a prominent place in the living room. All the work, save one last bit, done by the girls from the Movie Mob.

Angela and Megan did the deed this year, adding their yearly ornaments. Angela went for Snoopy, after teasing/threatening me with a Jonas Brothers ornament. Guess she heard she's getting something pretty good at the end of the month. Megan went a little closer to classical with Tinkerbell.

The girls got the tree up in record time and set me up to top the tree with the angel. This has been a laugh-inducing process in the past. And at least once I came close to killing myself by falling off a chair and landing less than an inch away from splitting my noggin like a melon on the corner of the closet across the living room and into the foyer. This year? Piece of cake. First time. For the first time. I felt like running out and buying lottery tickets. I cheated of course, using an extensible claw. But it's the result that counts, right?
The pictures below are lousy quality but are pictures of two girls with big hearts. Thanks to both Angela on the left and Megan on the right!

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