Saturday, February 19, 2011

LIFE: PC Politics Sucks

We're headed for an election. It's not declared as of yet, but I got a call out of the blue from the local Conservative Party today wanting to talk. A curt, "I don't talk politics." ended the phone call, although the political operative was cordial in ending the phone call.

I lied.

I'm mad as hell. Now, I don't actually say to anybody, friends, family or the rest of the population of Canada who I vote for. It can be inferred that I vote Liberal, except I don't always. I spoil ballots more often than not. And I have not ever, ever voted Communist or Green. Beyond that, nobody knows but me.

But for the first time ever, I'm willing to be committal about the vote I will be forced to make by that megomaniacal asshole ensconced in our Prime Minister's office. I AIN'T VOTING PC AND WILL BE VOTING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE. No spoiled ballots. SOMEBODY will get my vote. You money-wasting would-be potentate. You Bush-lite political opportunist. You xenophobic hater. You and your party are bad for Canada and it's time somebody else took their turn at the public trough.

They're polling the ranks. They're polling the non rank and file and they are running political ads on TV.  It's a bloody election campaign in every way but legal definition. It's not enough that they've taken this country from surplus to more than $55B in deficits in five years and have the cajones to crow about our economic might compared to the United States. The myopic PC's see a Liberal house divided around Ignatieff and an NDP party that doesn't even have the unions solidly behind them right now. Now isn't the time for an election, even if it could be somehow run free of charge. But Harper's vision is of a blue country sea to sea.

A simple phone call was enough to radicalize me, the guy who's never voted AGAINST a candidate in his life. Think about that PC pollsters. If it could trigger THAT kind of reaction in me, maybe the MAJORITY OF THIS COUNTRY who didn't vote for your head clown might feel the same way.

At least I hope so. PC's in the minority ... or maybe gone from the political scene completely.

A guy can dream, can't he?

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