Friday, May 06, 2011

SPORTS: Just Another Guy With Just Another Thought

Any reader here will know how low my opinion of Chris Bosh has dropped. I was ALWAYS in favour of trading the guy cuz I thought he was over-rated. But I thought he was a good guy and a fringy all-star. Third team all-star. But, of course, his actions last summer more or less revealed just how shallow he was behind the clever wit. And his play this year evidenced itself pretty well. The Miami butler is Just Another Guy.

Trade rumours started swirling around Bosh right around the first Miami losing streak of the season, which was, if I recall, right off the bat. It's intensified as more and more, it looks like the Super Pals, James and Wade, have finally figured out how to play with each other. For much of the season, the secret to whatever Heat success was enjoyed, was to play one or the other other with Bosh. Now, the Heat happened not to win too often when ANY of the three was actually out for the whole game. But in-game, the James-Wade mix was ... less successful than it should have been.

That's changed for the play-offs, to the complete and utter dismay of the Celtics, Bulls and who from the West? The Mavs? The Thunder? Whoever. And Bosh has played pretty well. But that hasn't seemed to be the result of a kumbaya of togetherness with the previous Super Friends. Bosh's statements today that he likes to stand alone and isn't bothered by the Super Pals running off their mouths when near mikes, as a duo, is a little window dressing. The departing of Bosh this off-season is almost guaranteed.

But I'm not hear to shout "Schadenfreude!" at the man who claimed he wanted to be The Man before hiring on as the butler. Nope. I've got a question.

An NBA GM picks up the phone and calls another GM and suggests a Bosh for Jose Calderon and Amir Johnson swap. Which GM (Riley or Colangelo) makes that call? And what does the other guy say? And why?

Just another thought to while away the innumerable, insufferable off-days in the NBA play-offs.

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