Sunday, July 01, 2012

INTERNET: I'm baaaack!! ... for a month!

[Due to Google Blogger's COMPLETE and UTTER FAILURE to stop the COMMENT SPAMMING BY REGISTERED GOOGLE BLOGGERS (Yeah, I'm talking to the primordial slime that goes by Kevin and variations), all postings from now on will start with this preface. Do NOT click on ANY LINK found in the comment section of this blog. No matter how innocuous the link MIGHT appear to be, it is MOST LIKELY SPAM or a link to MALWARE. I am disheartened by the need to do this, which accounts for the sparsity of posts this year.]

Hey, it's Canada Day, our national celebration of all that's great. But, truth be told, for many Canadians, it's really NHL Free Agent Signing Day!!!! Go Habs!!!!

And, as it turns out, it marks my return to blogging. I'm going to be fairly regular this month since I have to do my Top 25 Most Enjoyed TV Programs from the last 12 months in the middle of it anyways. It's NOT like I don't have things to vent, rant and occasionally enthuse about. So, I'm baaaack, if only on a limited trial basis. People have been telling me writers write and what I've been doing the first half of the year doesn't come close to qualifying.

So, you've been warned. Return to read, but NO CLICKING on comment links. With any luck, my absence will have sent those cockroaches on to other places to plague by now.

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