Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Top TWO FORGOTTEN books of 2015

Well, isn't THAT embarrassing!?!

We all know I can't count to 25 from reading the end of year Top 25 Books and the mid-year Top 25 TV programs. But now, it seems, I can't read the screen and see that I needed to write about 37 books in the massive review blog posting a fortnight ago.

Left off two Mysteries/Thrillers, both series books. John Grisham's The Fugitive and Lee Goldberg and Janet Evanovich's The Job. Erk and gadzooks! Grisham is on the short list of my Mom's favourite authors while I'm old pals with Goldberg and a member of the Evanovich fan club.

I have edited the Top 25 list to include the two books, update my counting (again) and promise to be more careful next New Year's Eve.

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