Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ART: A Tartan To Be Proud Of

My brother Ricky is the artist of the family. He's had a long string of artistic accomplishments and did the family proud by going back to school relatively late in life and becoming an architect. A damn good one. He's well thought-of within the profession.

But he still dabbles a bit in things that fall outside of his architect purview. For example, he designed a tartan for The International Festival of Authors. And now it's been recorded for all posterity. That's right, the high mucky-mucks of Tartan have recognized his concoction of purple, green and magenta (and some other colours). You can see it here!

And it will live long after he and the IFOA are but fond memories. The official Scottish Register of Tartans has been recording the unique patterns for sixty years, but is only the latest incarnation of a group that got started back in the 1200's! The Scots take this kind of stuff seriously.

At any rate, this just adds, literally, another colourful chapter to our family history. Well Done! Rick.

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