Thursday, February 18, 2010

SOFTWARE: More Buzz on Buzz

Okay, Google is getting it. Up one side and down the other side. And the company seems to be getting that the world, minus its own indentured employees, does not want Buzz. So, they've taken one more step in making it possible to make Buzz go away.

Now, when you click the Turn Buzz Off link at the very bottom of your GMail page, it gives you the ability to DISABLE Buzz, which is different than turning it off. GMail has been, bluntly, a little bit slow to respond of late. And as it turns out, although I'd turned Buzz off, that was just the Buzz display! So, I turned Buzz back on (the only choice now showing at the bottom) and then immediately turned it back off. THIS time, I got the brand new option to disable the sucker. Which I did. Ignored the various warnings and okayed the deletion forever of my Buzz info.

I feel less exposed than ever. And this for a guy who rants about all kinds of things here in this blog, which, by the way, wasn't hampered in any way by the decision to turn Buzz off permanently.

At least that's so, if your reading this.

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