Saturday, March 13, 2010


Earlier this year, I got phone calls wondering if I was dead. No, NOT because of inactivity in this blog, but because news of bridge player Gary Mugford's passing was going around. It was true. But it was the OTHER Gary Mugford who had recently died. A better man than I, Gary R. Mugford was a man who saved lives as a fireman and who happened to play a pretty good game of bridge. I met him at a tournament in Jordan and we actually did play in a Canadian Nationals one year as a lark. He will be sadly missed.

This blog has suffered from the recent spate of work-related tasks. In addition to my eons-long programming project at the main customer, we had to virtually re-do the whole network after a virus attack hit their network hard in early February. We had to replace 85 per cent of the network. And by we, I mean Patrick did most of it and I configured software after the fact. That was three weeks of 16-hour workdays with not much time for programming. Or for watching the Olympics. We were doing the last of the physical installs right about the time Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in the Game That Mattered. Thus, this old sports reporter was one of the few Canadians not watching the gold medal game. Of course, I wouldn't have anyways. I vowed not to watch any Canadian team with that oaf Dany Heatley wearing the national colours and I was true to my word. And I WAS available to watch all but that gold medal game and chose not to. Good for Sid the Kid, Luongo and the rest, bad for that bozo who, I guess, will get his comeuppance come playoff time.

At any rate, I was stirred to make this quick (for me) post because of changes here at Blogger. I was, more or less, asked to 'freshen' up my site design. I did the least amount possible. But here it is. I DO like that I was able to switch the guides to the left. I think it's idiotic to place menus on the right due to differences in user screen dimensions. And the column now stretches to accommodate the width you have. In MOST cases, that should mean more text per line, more text per screen and less scrolling. Don't like the colours all that much, but fiddling around with things will have to wait. Otherwise, I don't hate the changes.

When will this blog pick up again? Don't know. I'm decompressing this week. Well three days. Then it's March Madness. But the programming project that will never end beckons with a new beta test target of the end of the month (training in it has to be finished by the end of April). Another client has been really, really great at putting off an update cuz both he and I hate the idiots forcing the update. And the old POS software is due for an upgrade, part of which is already written.

What's that Chinese curse? May you live in interesting times! Well....

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