Monday, March 15, 2010

BOOKS/MOVIES: Two of My Favourite Ladies

Kristine Katherine Rusch writes the great Retrieval Artist science fiction mysteries. She also writes a blog that is part personal journal and part an on-going book called, The Freelancer's Survival Guide. Stay for the personal anecdotes, but come for the Guide if you have the slightest urge to go out on your own, as a writer or what have you.

Sunday's entry was on Risk and mentioned Sandra Bullock prominently. I have been remiss in not expressing public congratulations to Sandy for her win last Sunday at the Oscars. I've seen The Blind Side and enjoyed it a lot. But then I'm pre-disposed to liking movies starring Bullock, having worked with her in the misty ancient ages of last century. It was only the once and only for the briefest of times. But I became a life-long fan and haven't felt the poorer for it. Heck, I even like a few of her bombs (and there have been a few). You could make the case that the statute was a lifetime achievement award because every single crew person on her movies loves her, but karma's not always a bitch. Nice women don't always finish last, Mr. Durocher. Occasionally they win the big prize.

Okay, I've digressed a bit. No apologies. Now, back to KK Rusch.

I've been unemployed now for closing in on 30 years. I haven't gotten rich, to the eternal unhappiness of some related minds. But I have been secure enough to turn down big-paying jobs. Twice, I've kicked away six-figure jobs because I didn't like working with the people I would have had to work with. I've fired clients for wasting my time. And the only time I ever regretted it was the time it took me away from Laura. Oh, and the original first quitting, that of my position as Assistant Sports Editor at the Brampton Guardian newspaper caused me a few wistful thoughts. But otherwise, I've been okay with being unemployed and underemployed.

And KK does a good job of revealing how okay she is currently with having turned down a high-paying gig because of working conditions and because she would have been ON somebody's payroll, in effect. And subject to their whims. Rather than give up her independence, she opted to turn down the gig with not much more than a passing thought or two. That's when you KNOW you've become a freelancer. And that realization is like winning an award. It's called freedom.

As I've said, these two ladies produce work I enjoy. Thanks and congratulations, ladies. Keep it up.

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