Sunday, August 01, 2010

INTERNET: I Write Like ...

Do you know I write most like David Foster Wallace amongst big-name writers? Neither did I until I ran a writing example through the engine at I Write Like. Hmmm. Looking up Wallace at Fantastic Fiction gets me this, as the writer I am compared to:

"David Foster Wallace has been called one of America's most important young authors and is often compared to Thomas Pynchon. He is most widely known for his epic (1000+ page) novel, Infinite Jest, published in 1996 and critically acclaimed by critics and readers alike. Topics covered in Wallace's work are wide ranging, but he seems to have a special interest in American culture, addictions, and excess." (Check out his picture!!!!)

Hmmmm. Verbose, interested in American culture, an addictive personality given to excess. Well, THAT'S pretty much on the mark.

Now, the sample analyzed came from this blog, an entry on basketball. Later I grabbed a random sample from the never-ending novel and THIS time, I Write Like claimed my closest allegory was Chuck Palahniuk. Again, back to Fantastic Fiction I went.

"Chuck Palahniuk is the author of Fight Club (made into a film by director David Fincher), Survivor, Invisible Monsters, Choke and Lullaby. He lives in Portland, Oregon."

This from an example of section about a teenage girl walking home from school, revelling in the scents and sights of an early spring day. Fight Club? At least I've been to Portland.

Hey, it only takes about ten seconds to copy and paste in a sample and press the analyze button before you get back an amusing/prescient answer. Scientific it probably isn't. Entertaining for the small amount of time wasted?


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