Saturday, January 15, 2011

LIFE: One Last Observation

I continue to be utterly contemptuous of the decision-makers at Molson's and HydroOne that created this idiotic attack on citizens from Hamilton to my backyard and beyond in the middle of winter. The lack of forethought on DOING the transfer of these humongous vats to the Molson's facility in Etobicoke at this time of the year has to rate high on the scale of stupidity run amok. And the inability to keep people informed in a timely manner was shocking. I might have dealt with more morons than normal trying to suggest several ways to do it better. Before finally giving up after developing a headache banging my head against the wall separating us from whatever reality the bozos live in.

All that said, the workers from HydroOne and the Challenger company and the local constabulary did a yeoman's job, at least as far as them moving the vats past my backyard. They did it so quick, I didn't even know they were doing it. Mind you, I didn't camp out on the East side of the house awaiting the procession. But I expected problems and they never materialized. And that's because of some hard work by people who were told it was a four-day job and it's turned into a four-week effort, including two weeks of 9pm-6am shifts in pretty bad weather.

Hosannas to each of them, the grunts that had to make the idiotic decision work. Sure, it went slower than the suits thought. And I'm sure the suits are complaining already. But it's getting done and might even meet the latest hoped for finish time on Sunday. Today's snow storm will probably put paid to that. But they'll probably give it a try.

And given the work I didn't see last night, they might even succeed.

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