Thursday, January 20, 2011

SPORTS: The Logo STILL Stinks!

One of the last vestiges of the Ricciardi/Godfrey regime of the Toronto Blue Jays is the atrocious logo and those awful, let's do black like everybody else, uniforms. And it's just not me that decries the logo. Jim Caple, the ESPN Page 2 columnist, ran down the logo's in an article at ESPN yesterday. And he has particular scorn for the Jays' logo. Read all about it at ESPN.

Now, I have to say that I agree with most everything he had to say (Giants' over-rating aside). Cartoon(y) bird, a phrase he uses for the Baltimore logo too, is a bit harsh for the beloved old double-blue Jay with the Canadian maple leaf detail. But it's not a corporate monstrosity, as Caple so capably refers to the current incarnation.

Ricciardi is receding into our memories and Godfrey's name elicits a "Who?" in most quarters these days. Isn't it time to bring back finery as a feature of the Blue Jays' uniforms? And I'm not talking about the Red Texas T version of the bird with the Maple Leaf tattoo. Toronto is blue. Double blue most of the time. And admitting the Jays are Canada's team isn't the worst thing ever. So let's give our guys a chance to represent the city they play in. Return us to the days when the logo didn't represent somebody's wet dream of an overly-muscular angry bird. (No insult to the popular game). 

And get rid of the funeral suits. Just regular blue and grey get-ups for out-of-town games, bright whites for home games. And if you have to have a special occasion set of togs, NO BLEEPIN' BLACK uniforms. Go red, go powder blue throwback, but black is NOT a Toronto colour. And the sooner the Jays (and even the Raptors) learn that, maybe we can get back to seeing some winning teams on local TV.

The home team that is.

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