Wednesday, January 07, 2009

BASKETBALL: Dallas Trade's a Dud

The much ballyhooed potential trade sending Andrea Bargnani and Anthony Parker to Dallas for Josh Howard, Antoine Wright and DeSagana Diop, ranks right up there with the idiotic trade floated awhile back that would have send serviceable Toronto Raptors to New York for dead weights Eddy Curry and Stephon Marbury. The trade does NOT make sense, doesn't fit under the NBA salary cap rules and is a non-starter.

IF the Raptors want to deal Bargnani for a wing, they will find better offers than taking on Diop's long-term contract and spare part Wright. Getting rid of the team's best wing isn't a solution to needing two wings. Howard's development into a problem child goes against the grain of trying to build a team with character, not OF characters. So, that won't be the way Bryan Colangelo goes. At least I hope not.

Seems to me, the way to go is move Jermaine O'Neal, what with Bargnani playing decently at his natural position, centre. The obvious direction is Miami, with Shawn Marion on the return flight to Toronto. That said, O'Neal's ticket and health remain suspect and he's not going anywhere until one or the other of those two things clears up. And it's not going to be the contract. Until then, Colangelo's stuck trying to improve the wing dramatically. He might trade spare parts for other teams' spare parts, hoping he gets the advantage of a new setting.

Relax, Bargnani's not going anywhere.

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