Wednesday, January 07, 2009

FOOTBALL: What Ever Happened to the Coffin Corner Kick?

Most football games these days feature at least one (or five or six) situations where one team's punter tries to kick the ball high and short ... say a foot short of the goal-line. Most of the time, the ball bounces into the end-zone. Sometimes it's caught well short of the goal-line by a return man making a fair catch. But at least once, we are entertained by players trying desperately to down the ball inside the five. And more often than not, it seems to lead to a replay.

There's an art to pooching a kick high enough to let your tacklers get there and short enough so that it doesn't go through the end-zone for a touchback, bringing the ball out to the 20-yard line. It's such an art, that few are good at it. But they all try.

So, why not bring back the coffin corner kick. Sure, it's less likely to end up on the one-inch line. But getting it to within five yards, give or take of the five-yard line shouldn't be nearly as difficult as pooch-kicking has become. Depending on the wind, the kicker should aim for the five yard line and be happy with any result inside the ten. And most times, it'll be pretty well within the ten, if the kicker figures the wind out right.

We won't end up with gigantic men flopping all over the field trying to tap dance over the goal-line and will the ball back into the field of play. But we won't get those tv commercial-inducing replays either.

Bring back the Coffin Corner from the dead!

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