Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MOVIES: My Favourite 20th Century Movies, The List

Well, yesterday completed the month and completed my list of my favourite movies of the twentieth century. I listed 31 favourites and as many, if not more, honourable mentions. Naturally, there were some oversights (amongst the honourable mentions, not my top 31 list). Maybe another time. Say in 2050, when I go over my favourite movies of the last half-century. Hope I'm still around.

What does my list say about me? It doesn't include such acclaimed classics as The Godfather, Chinatown and Schindler's List. I'm just not into drama as something to come back to time and time again. It doesn't include such SF icons as Bladerunner, E.T. or any of the Star Trek movies (remember, Lord of the Rings came out too late for this list). The first two mentioned didn't work for me and the only Star Trek movie I ever enjoyed start to finish was the fourth one. And it wasn't much more than an extended version of the weekly show. So, I'm fussy about the ideas behind my SF shows. I have Cleopatra in the list, but not Ben Hur or Lawrence of Arabia. I believe I explained that by starting the blog entry about Cleopatra with, "Elizabeth Taylor." Spectacles all, but only one boasted the most beautiful woman in the world, excepting my mom, of course. As far as babes are concerned, especially naked ones, there aren't many on this list. It's not like I'm against Halle Berry dropping her top, but that's not going to get a movie into the list of flicks I will stop what I'm doing and watch again, when surfing the channels.

Nope, I like my movies to have grins, chuckles and a few outright laughs. Oddly enough, comedies aren't exactly in great supply in the list, but almost all of the movies have moments of genuine mirth in them. And action. And cleverness about the plotting of the various characters. And some great music. And moments surrounding the movie that make my viewing of them worth remembering for.

That's why I call this list My Favourites. Not The BEST. Not The GREATEST. Just My FAVOURITES. Here's a list in order, with links to the entries. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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