Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TV: The Comments I Get ...

I've mentioned this before, but I don't actually believe anybody reads what I write. I do this to vent. Sometimes to document, so that I can look it up rather than shuffling through my voluminous paper notebooks. Sometimes to say I told ya so. Sometimes because I've come across something so wonderful, I have to tell the world. Which basically boils down to me. Since I don't expect people to spend a lot of time reading my long-winded posts.

But, every now and then, I get comments from people who DO read the blog posting of the day. And would you believe I had TWO, count 'em, TWO comments on the posting from earlier today! One was from a rabid follower of Reaper, pointing me to fan support sites for the show. I did, in fact, check out the petition sites and Kristen's ongoing Save One Show project. The only problem I had with the former is that I couldn't seem to find the actual petition to add my e-signature to. The latter project limits me to just one show and I have to disappoint my correspondent by admitting I voted for Chuck. In the battle of the put-upon nerdy guys, I like the one hooking up with Yvonne Strahovski and Jordana Brewster. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

The other reply came from somebody I'd bet large money on that works with the folks that make Gary Unmarried (which strikes a chord with this unmarried Gary for obvious reasons). Nothing wrong with that. In fact, he shared the good news that renewal is looking more possible. And that IS good news.

Gary Unmarried stars Jay Mohr, the modern day Don Rickles, and Paula Marshall. I've been a fan of Marshall since the first time I saw her, which was in a cop's uniform, I think. Quickly followed up by a bikini. She's been my definition of TV sexy for a lot of years. We've sort of grown up together. But her mere presence on the TV screen has spelled doom and gloom for any series I like with her in it. I wailed when she got up close and personal with Veronica Mars' father in one of many TV shows she's 'cursed.' It was soon dead, too.

That said, she's easy on the eyes, plays smart and every, I mean EVERY, producer in town thinks he or she or they will be the ones to break her curse and have her at the head of a long-running show. So she gets chance after chance and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Speaking of playing smart, Kathryn Newton is the brainy little Louise Brooks (Wonder how they came up with THAT name?). She's sort of a younger version of Macey Cruthird, curly hair and all, who was the best thing on Hope and Faith. Anybody who wouldn't want Louise amongst their offspring is a dope. And the producers of Gary Unmarried didn't fall into the obvious trap of having Louise's brother Tom, played by Ryan Malgarini, be a dunce. He's physically klutzy, but has a wit about him, usually with self-deprecating focus on himself.

Like I said, it's a charming comedy that produces grins and a few outright laughs. I sort of miss Jaime King but that was off-set by ditching Ed Begley, Jr., who just didn't seem to fit, other than to be Gary's reverse image. It's not appointment TV, but would fit into the Monday night line-up in place of Rules of Engagement, which will probably be the axed show to give Gary Unmarried renewed life.

As an aside, Rules of Engagement has worth, if only as a showcase for the always funny Patrick Warburton (who always plays Patrick Warburton in any TV show he's on). But any show that continues network TV's seriously-wrong love affair with David Spade is almost beyond redemption.

At any rate, I wish that anonymous poster good luck in getting his show renewed. It'll rate as good news.

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