Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I didn't bother posting the picks because the whole NBA playoff is just a month-long exercise in setting up the Los Angeles Lakers-Cleveland Cavaliers final. Does ANYBODY out there seriously think that won't be the case?

Thought not.

I did think the minnows would cause the faves some grief in the first round in the East. Boston's a pretender without Garnett and the hurting shooters in Orlando makes the Magic less wonderful. Win or lose, it doesn't matter. Cleveland crushes them all. And the Lakers will do the same out West. Who cares who loses to them.

The final? The Lakers. Kobe and LeBron off-set, although I think the battle will be entertaining. And Kobe will defend LeBron better than LeBron will defend Kobe. And the rest of L.A. is better than the rest of Cleveland. Six games, with the West Coast Smirk winning on his home court.

Blehhhhh! I can hope for a King James coronation all I want, but it ain't gonna happen. Unless somebody puts a serious hurt on The Smirk along the way. heh, heh, heh.

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