Thursday, January 14, 2010

INTERNET: Tracking My Random Postings

Okay, so I don't exactly post on schedule. Today's Thursday and yesterday was Wednesday and I 'could' post my promised Wednesday Fall TV review. But I'm busy, tired and cranky (what else is new?). On the other hand, I DO know one or two of you check in here semi-regularly and I'm doing you a disservice. So how about some service instead?

Copy the url link from the box above (the one that says or just copy what you just read) and then go to When you get there, you will have to set up an account for this first-time use. Easy as pie, just follow the instructions. Paste in the mugshots url into the field for it and then put in your email address. You will eventually have to verify that you want this service and you'll have to put in a password to log back in for further changes. Pick daily (I wish!), weekly (more realistic) or monthly (come on, I'm not THAT bad!). Based on what you pick, you'll get an email telling you it's worthwhile to come a-visitin' here at this blog. You might also want to set it up to ignore small changes. I tend to explode verbally, so small changes will be rare. BUT if I get spammed by a blog comment blogger, you won't get signaled if it only means a change from 0 comments to 1 comment.

This is a WHOLE lot easier than RSS Feeds. I've got 15 sites monitored now and have taken them off the daily list. I'll get one nice little email at my gmail account when any of them change and will only go see them if there's something new to go see. That cuts down my daily load list from 147 to 132.

And you can cut down fruitless, frustrating visits here when I've nothing to say in print.

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