Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SOFTWARE: Printliminator and Nuke Anything Enhanced

I've been called cheap. Penurious. Tight with a penny. Miserly. Compliments all.

Paper costs money and effort to trash. Really, it's the latter that gets to me, but the paper and laser printer toner also is something that adds up over the amount that I print. So, I go to SOME lengths to limit just how much printing I do. With Firefox, two of the greatest aids are Printliminator and Nuke Anything Enhanced.

I use Printliminator a LOT. It allows me to click on parts of the web page I am looking at and make them go away (not permanently, you can refresh/reload the page and you get everything back). I use the ALT key to delete everything BUT what the current red selection box shows. And then I can print quickly from a handy button right there. AND there's an Undo button for those moments when I move the mouse just a hair and it selects something other than what I wanted targeted JUST as I click the delete button.

Go to the web-site and follow the very simple instruction. Note that I didn't say instructions. It's THAT simple!

Now, Printliminator is good for getting rid of broad swatches of the page you are looking at. If you just want to delete a little something here, a little text there, then it's good to have the Nuke Anything Enhanced add-in loaded. Using the mouse, highlight text or simply point at an 'object' you want removed and right click. NAE will have available Remove This Object or Remove This Selection (and Remove Everything Else) available to you in the context menu. It's handy and if you are going to just do a little delete, this is the way to do it. Printliminator has to be loaded and that takes a second or two some nights. If you know what I mean.

In either case, stop printing out that extra page with the useless bottom footer of the web-page and the big menu on the left (or the right, GRRRRR!). Just chop out the text that you want to save and print to paper. Or, even better, a PDF file.

Your accountant will thank you. Oh, and however is responsible for hauling the recyclables to the curb.

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