Friday, January 01, 2010

LIFE: Happy New Year

Okay, the project from hell has descended to the fifth circle of Dante's favourite concentric construct. I think. Might be the eighth. Haven't read the book nor the Pournelle/Niven SF update(s) in years. So take my placement with a grain of salt.

At this point, meeting my latest deadline isn't going to happen and I've decided to stop stressing and admit I'm incapable of predicting when the project will be ready to go. That's my one and only resolution for this year. No more ego trips predicting I can churn out code fast enough to match my mouth. The client needs it. I want it done and out the door and get in some reading from a hefty reading list turned out during Christmas. And I am still watching TV recorded from the first week of November. That's a serious deficit.

I'd LIKE to announce here that I will be writing daily. That's a lie. Won't happen. But I think I can hit the once-promised three times weekly target. It's a goal, not a promise.

Thanks for stopping by. And you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! ... starting now.

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