Saturday, September 24, 2011

MOVIES: One For My Money ... Maybe

Just saw the first trailer for One For The Money, the adaption of the first of the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. Those books have been a birthday present staple in this house for most of the last two decades. I love them in general, although there's been some rough spots since the turn of the century.

Casting a movie adaption has been a long-time pastime for Plum conniseurs. Stephanie is a Jersey Girl through and through. Many names were put forth, many good names. Not once did I see Katherine Heigl suggested. And off the trailer, I know why. I mean it's one thing to take an NFL trust-fund babe like Rooney Mara and pierce her ears and a few other places and ask her to do a Swedish accent in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It's another thing to take a pretty face and try to get her to do Jersey tough, bodacious and vulnerable. Sorry, but this isn't working for me.

On the other hand, they do do some good things with the other role choices. Especially inspired is Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur. Grandma was a vital part of the early success of the Plum series before suffering from over-use, something Evanovich has cut back on in the last couple of books. Still, it might be worth going to this movie just to see Reynolds ham it up.

The other key roles are Jason O'Mara, a fine (not so) wee broth of an Irish lad as Joe Morelli (you know, the Morelli of Sicilian heritage) and Daniel Sunjata as Ranger. Both guys are fine actors and Sunjata looks the part. O'Mara? Well, besides the trailer making confusing intimations that Stephanie is looking to arrest Morelli, I think O'Mara can pull it off. But he doesn't look any more like Morelli of the book than I do.

Lulu is played by Sherri Shepherd. She's loud, brassy and overly-developed in many places. I approve.

So, am I looking forward to going to the multiplex come January to catch this movie? Geez, I hate Heigl (a feeling shared with many co-workers according to reports). At least for this role. And they've apparently beefed up her capability quotient and taken away her aversion to guns. But they do blow up a car. One at least. Although it might not be her car, so to speak.

That's good enough for me. For a weekday matinee. Assuming it lasts that long.

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