Saturday, August 16, 2008

SPORTS: Missed It by That Much!

Liar, liars, bathing suits on fire.

Michael Phelps will win his record-setting eighth gold medal tonight. Or will he? Record-tying seventh for sure. But I still don't think he won that seventh one last night. Didn't think it watching it live. And didn't think it after replays.

And the laughable part? The video replies "conclusively show" that he did touch out Milorad Cavic (a fellow Yank wearing Serbian colours). That's baloney. No one can see one one-hundredth of a second's difference on video tape. No one. The machine came back with the tale that Phelps won. But if that is really true, then my eyes are betraying me in new and different ways.

Do I believe it's possible that Phelps won? Yes. Do I think he won? Possibly. Am I sure he won? Not till my dying day. And yes, machines often spit out interesting stories. I'm a computer programmer.

If the furor that mushroomed and then imploded with equal swiftness hadn't been resolved to everybody's complete satisfaction, we would be taking about this for some time. I'm betting young Mr. Cavic will be able to cash in on his 59 seconds of fame. If he already hasn't.

Should make conspiracy fodder for years.

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