Sunday, August 10, 2008

TV: I'm Already Tired!

Trying to push through three months of programming changes in 13 days was idiotic and I bear responsibility for saying yes to it. Still, no man can program in a cone of silence. So, the Olympics play in the background.

And after, what, 48 hours, I can honestly say I am really, really sick of some of those Olympic commercials.

There's a couple I like. A lot. The Wonderbread tots dressed up as athletes is wonderful, even after multiple viewings. I turn around for that one. The Bell ads don't get old until about the fourth time you see them. So they're back to being awful background noise. But I look forward to new ones.

And before I turn off this de facto notice that I'm still alive, I have to tell you Americans (as IF anybody is actually reading this!), you should sue NBC for fraud. NBC is awful, compared to the around-the-clock top-notch job CBC is doing up here. It'd be a scandal if the populace actually cared about most of the Olympic sports outside of basketball.

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