Saturday, August 16, 2008

TV: Live Is A Relative Term

Always interesting to watch LIVE events being broadcasted simultaneously by the CBC and NBC. Since I have two TVs turned on and watching both, I can tell you LIVE is a concept that needs redefining at both networks.

NBC, of course, believes in showing as little LIVE from an Olympics as a crackerjack tape editing team can manage. Can't turn out heart-jerkers and thrills if you don't have the completed script in hand. On the other hand, some events require LIVE broadcasting. And so far, I can watch it LIVE on CBC about seven seconds before I see it on NBC. It's actually funny.

The CBC has it's own, somewhat diminishing, problem with the LIVE screen bug. Frequently early, but less and less since the days have gone by, that little LIVE bug is a total lie. But they've been called on it and are doing it less. The CBC still puts NBC to shame, but it can do better.

The preceding was a tape-delayed presentation of the GM Media blogging system.

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