Thursday, August 21, 2008

TV: Real Life Intrudes

Tonight's closing moments of Ron MacLean's segment moderating the Olympics broadcast on CBC ended dreadfully. MacLean's mother had passed away earlier in the day. He informed the viewers that he was signing off tonight, not just for the evening, but to fly back to Oakville to be with family and friends at this most terrible moment of anybody's life, the death of a parent (or a child).

MacLean handled the situation with the class that has become his trademark. He smiled, cheered on the folks around him undoubtedly feeling sad over the news, and lauded Scott Russell as his replacement over the next few days.

I hope never to have this happen to me. My parents have instructions to outlive me. But if it does happen, I hope, fervently, that I will handle the situation with some portion of the poise and professionalism MacLean demonstrated tonight.

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