Friday, February 20, 2009

INTERNET: The Email I Get ...

I'm stealing this title tag directly from Lee Goldberg. But it fits for this and I will continue to 'borrow' it on occasion.

The email I get is commonly business-related. Every now and then, I get something like the missive Judy Kay Wolff sent me today. I was touched and honoured that she took the time to comment on something she'd seen here. The commenting system defeated her ability to directly leave the comment but she persisted by directly emailing me and it brightened my day considerably.

In it, she mentioned that she mentioned THIS blog in HER blog. If you've come here from there, expecting more than the odd Bridge-related article, you might be a tad disappointed. You should look for a take on my last playdate with Alan Truscott and a hand that resulted in a mere 4600 being entered on the wrong side of the ledger. Other than that, I'm a little sparse on Bridge things, having dropped out of the regular scene a while ago. I explain partly in this posting. Judy's blog also refers to my review of The Lone Wolff, while I did explain my departure(s), in a way, from the ACBL in this one.

At this point, that's about it. I've been thinking about writing up my own adventures with having jump cue-bid in the opponents' suit twice in one hand and my own dissatisfaction with tie-breaking rules in one-day knockouts that don't have extra-hand overtime. But I can't promise when, or if, those stories will emerge. Otherwise, I spend time reading Judy's delightful blog and commenting when I have a story to tell about whoever she's telling stories about.

If you do want to peek in occasionally and read my ramblings on whatever, I will be very pleased and hopefully entertaining. If not, I understand.

But I appreciate the effort.

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