Monday, February 23, 2009

MOVIES: The Oscars

Annnnnnd we have a WINNER!

A quick show that coincided with the hockey game well enough to check over there for scores during commercials. PLUS, whoever game up with the change in presentation format for the major acting awards gets a TV Emmy next year. Absolutely brilliant. Having five past winners congratulate each and every nominee and tell them they were special, win or lose, worked GREAT! Some more than others, but when friends, each of which had to have the cachet of being a past Oscar award winner in the category, told other friends, "Good job!," it was heart-felt and made the emotions rise.

Not one musical pull-off moment, no cringeworthy jokes, only the Ben Stiller bit to crassly pull attention away while nominations were being read, and plenty of international content to make it a sort of We Are the World Oscars. I'm even humming that damn Jai Ho ditty that I've never heard before.

Well done!

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