Monday, February 09, 2009

TV: Review- Burn Notice

The return, last month, of Burn Notice was good news. Better news? The show is actually getting better!

The trick is seeing less of Carla, the manipulator running Michael ragged, played by Tricia Helfer. Helfer is undeniably beautiful and a Canuck to boot. But she more or less irks me in everything she does. Have no idea why, but less of her is always a good thing.

Micheal, played with deadpan seriousness by Jeffrey Donovan, is the kind of hero we all would want to be. He's cool under pressure (yes folks, I can use the four-letter word ... when it's right) and extraordinarily effective. He's like James Bond without the suave suit, the accent or the stiff upper lift. Donovan injects any humour the man might have into his voice-overs. And the voice-overs are highly entertaining, which is, in and of itself, fairly unusual.

What humour bypasses Michael falls to his best pal, Sam. Sam's a con man from way back. Made part of his living in season one of the show ratting out Michael (with Michael's willing participation). He's sort of a husky gigolo these days, enjoying most of his time as a 'kept' man. And he's played by Bruce Campbell. Campbell is pure action-comedy gold. The man can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

Rounding out the trio that is Michael's 'gang' is Fiona, played by Gabrielle Anwar. Fiona is trouble. She's basically a gun-toting crazy who will do anything for Michael or for a giggle. She's an ex who most times doesn't realize she's an ex. Anwar started the series trying to go for an Irish accent, but made the smart decision to try and fit in and 'sound' American. It got rid of the one grate of the first two episodes.

And the good supporting performances don't quit with Anwar and Campbell. Sharon Tate's a hoot as Michael's ever-needy Mom. I guess you can excuse her. Not every mom has a spy for a boy. But Tate's a match for Campbell on this show, not that she'd ever look his way. Fictionally speaking.

There are other players who flit into and out of Michael's orbit. The 'burned' spy is operating as a Robin Hood these days, righting wrongs by whatever means necessary, as he seeks to find and overturn the burn notice.

Until then, it's Michael to the rescue (of my boredom).

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