Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MISC: Ahah!, You Telephoning Miscreants!!!

At 12:03 am this morning I entered my phone number at the Canadian National DO NOT CALL Registry. On a night where I answered the phone only to hear that mental midget from the National Gift Registry, plus another pitch to do my doors and windows, I answered sweetly, "For the LAST time, I do not want to hear from you again. Please be aware I am registering with the Do Not Call registry tonight at midnight. And from now on, your voice at the other end of this line will cost you money, 'cuz I'll be REALLY QUICK to register complaints with the service. Enjoy the rest of your life. Good-bye!"

Of course, the schmucks will continue calling throughout October without much risk of the government reaching into their pockets. But come Halloween time, their worst nightmare will be calling me. I will make it my life's purpose to clobber these cold-callers, especially with those lying pests from that Gift Registry. You know, the ones that start with "You or somebody in your family filled out a survey ..." THOSE guys I don't just want fined. I want them maimed and made incapable of procreating.

And while you at the task of making your life more peaceful, don't forget to drop by Michael Geist's iOptOut.ca site and send a message to those folks that get exceptions from the Do Not Call Registry and stop them before they take advantage in the break in the litany of supper-time phone calls.

Now, if we could only find a way to get a minority government back in place, Canada would be in GREAT SHAPE!

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