Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MISC: A Lemony Fresh Experience

So, I'm in a store doing my late night (past midnight) shopping and I need something dessert-y. I can go weeks without any desserts. But when I need one, I need one bad. I had my heart set on a plastic container of apple turnovers, the puffed pastry ones with the chunky sugar topping. Bad for a diabetic, but what the heck.

Naturally, they didn't have any. Row upon row of raspberry, that most wretched of all red berries. Hate them. But peeking out at the end of the row were two containers. They weren't apple turnovers, they were LEMON turnovers!

Now, let me admit a love for lemon pies. Not lemon Meringue pies. I have NO idea why people need some frothy spun sugar atop their lemon pies. If they didn't want tart greatness, than they should be eating cotton candy or something else ephemeral. I like my lemon pie (and I have TWO sources of them who deliver around holidays) plain. Not even a la mode.

But I paused looking at the lemon turnovers. It looked almost too good to be true. Tangy lemon. Puff pastry. That usually forbidden sugar overload. Pause over. I grabbed them.

The four pastries lasted exactly 27 hours. It's taken everything in my will power (and a September heat wave) not to leave the cave and buy more. Given my luck, there won't be any lemon turnovers the next time I visit the store anyway.

I'll probably have to be satisfied with apple turnovers.

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