Thursday, September 11, 2008

TV: Chris Noth is My Kind of Detective

Christopher Noth is leaving the Law and Order stable of TV shows, putting his role as Detective Mike Logan behind him once again. Law and Order: Criminal Intent will be all the poorer for that decision.

First, let me point out that Jeff Goldblum is usually VERY interesting and will probably bring an entertaining persona to the constantly changing show. But Noth's departure means the male leads of the show will be Goldblum and the similarly outre Vincent D'Onofrio. D'Onofrio, who I quite enjoyed throught the first three years of the show, has been moving into weirder and weirder territory since, leaving behind all subtle Sherlockian undertones to his role. Frankly, his episodes with Kathryn Erbe have not come close to the Noth-Julianne Nicholson/Alicia Witt episodes of the last two years.

Noth is, or rather was, the everyman of the detective bureau. A well-dressed repressed thug, Noth's Logan fought short temper and political lack of savvy, to show up and solve a LOT of crimes over the last decade or so. I can forgive him his fling with that weirdly popular Sex in the City show, because Noth turned in solid, believable performances each week. You could see when he finally 'got it.' You could sympathise with his urges to punch a perp out, and be happy he didn't.

Truthfully, which TV detective would you rather have investigating your murder? I mean, they all succeed most of the time. But between you and me, dontcha think Logan would go the extra yard for somebody ordinary like you or me?

So long Logan. Noth, don't be a stranger on the small screen.

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