Thursday, September 11, 2008

SPORTS: Will THIS Save Ricciardi and Cost Blue Jays a Fan?

If the current September rush the Toronto Blue Jays are experiencing undoes seven years of mediocrity and convinces management and deluded fans that the team is on the right track, there is a chance, a growing chance, that both Paul Godfrey and the GM jerk JP Ricciardi will return when spring training in Florida brings back baseball in 2009.

If so, I won't be amongst them. I've already decided I will throw my lot in with the Minnesota Twins. They play the game right. They win. They have a Canuck or two, depending on the health of Justin Morneau and Jesse Crain. Lots to admire about them.

For the record, I'd love for the Blue Jays to continue this improbable run up Boston's backside, hoping it isn't the Tampa Bay Rays' backsliding that keeps them in the hunt. But even a seven-for-seven Toronto sweep over the Bostonions doesn't achieve the goal of grabbing the wildcard ducat to the playoffs. No, they need Minnesota also to play no better than .500 ball during the same period to wake up in late September with October plans.

Regardless of next year, THAT would be entertainment. They'd probably show it on the Science Fiction Channel, under the banner of "Lightning Strikes Twice! Toronto Repeats Colorado Run!" I'm up for a good show, since I've stuck with the team through these nauseating Ricciardi years.

But all horror shows must end.

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