Friday, September 12, 2008

MISC: A Prediction About the Next News Cycle

I've got a story right out of central casting. Native Canadian aboriginal girl grows up on a reserve up in the northern climes of Ontario. She hangs around with a bad crowd and does neither herself or her schoolwork proud. A stranger passes through and helps her understand the hole she is digging herself isn't impossible to climb out of. It just takes a determination to turn her life around.

Months later, she puts her past and hometown behind her and moves to the big city, moving in with a Christian family who see her determination to make something of her life, bad start in all. She's 17 and sees light where once there was doom and gloom. She spends the next two months trying to get into local schools, both public and private, for her junior year in high school. Nobody wants to let her in. Seems there's been a string of deadbeat aboriginals who move south with the specific intention of getting into a school and onto welfare. They aren't going to let themselves be victimized again.

The young lady and her landlord family make the circuit of various governmental agencies. A school trustee is particularly hostile. The federal member of parliament isn't interested, what with the general national election having been just called. Too much need for organization to spend time on a minor's problem. Various governmental bureaucracies cite the need for lengthy investigation before making rulings. In the meantime, the school calendar clicks away the new school year.

So what do you think would happen if the young lady called a press conference for first thing in the morning, announcing she was going to exercise her constitutional right to get an education. That she wasn't going to let the prejudices and biases of school officials against OTHERS of her people, blockade her in an attempt to not become just another failed aboriginal. That she was going to school, to at least audit, if not to officially attend.

Think that might bring out the press? Think that might get that MP and the MP's opponents in the national election out to promote helping the underdog fight for an education? Think that school trustee ends up back on the Board of Education?

All interesting questions. And you might be reading about them next week or watching them on TV or on YouTube.

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