Monday, September 15, 2008

MISC: Too Old for This

An infrequent reader of my blog is Angela O'Neill. She'd read it more if I mentioned The Jonas Brothers, the modern-day equivalent of The Osmonds from the days when I was about the age she is now. In fact, simply by mentioning The Jonas Brothers, I've probably opened up a whole can of worms.

You see, by mentioning The Jonas Brothers, I run the risk that a search engine will actually find this blog when somebody types in "the jonas brothers" into a search engine. And won't they be disappointed when they find that this blog is not only NOT about The Jonas Brothers, it's author has never, ever heard a song sung by The Jonas Brothers.

I know ABOUT The Jonas Brothers, because channel surfing the entertainment news, you are bound to run into something about The Jonas Brothers. Apparently, The Jonas Brothers wear promise rings. Guess those are today's equivalents of the mood rings that were popular when I was a teen. I'm sure The Jonas Brothers will honour those rings as they go from (I presume) their teen years into their adult years. But if they don't, The Jonas Brothers will hardly be the only ring-wielders who break that pledge. It's not as if those rings have the record their promoters would LIKE to have us think exists. But I digress.

Family bands like The Jonas Brothers come and they go. Let's see if you all can remember the DiFrancos or the Cowsills? Even the big ones, like the Osmonds and the Carpenters, eventually fade away for one reason or another. Sometimes for tragic reasons. Or they turn into the Jacksons soap opera.

So, while I won't put down Angela's infatuation with The Jonas Brothers, I'm old enough to know it will just pass. She can burble and shriek whenever The Jonas Brothers are mentioned, seen or heard. It's annoying mostly for the dumb, vacant glazed-over look teen girls get when idols like The Jonas Brothers come onto the scene. It's survivable. And eventually, The Jonas Brothers will join other things I can stop buying themed presents for at birthday and Christmas time. Sigh.

Say, whatever happened to those MMMbop kids? The Hansons was it?

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littleanela6 said...

YEAH!!! thanks Gary !! you will get popular now because you mentioned the jonas brothers!!!

*~*Angela*~* :-]