Thursday, September 11, 2008

MISC: Prediction Correct. As IF it Wouldn't Pan Out!

Off to the store for a late night run, hopefully to find some of those lemon turnovers. If you recall, I predicted I would be disappointed.

Naturally, there were NO lemon turnovers. Lots of those disgusting raspberry ones. A FULL row of caramel turnovers, a rather unlikely combination in my mind. Was not tempted in the slightest to test out the theory that they were edible, yet alone tasty. I peered past the first tier of plastic boxes and found some hiding behind the front row. Each turned out to be raspberry.

With a sigh, I looked at one last hidden container. It was apple.

The anticipated reward of two weeks ago, it seemed suddenly lacking. But I get over my disappointment quick. There's only one of the original four left as of this writing. And my midnight snack is still ahead.

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