Thursday, September 11, 2008

MISC: Questions That Make You Go Hmmmm?

I am going to cheat to catch up a bit and do a bunch of small ones. But even amongst the small posts, this one is going to be a series of questions I don't have answers to after spending a (VERY) little time investigating.

What was the last US Network show that was shot completely in black and white for a full season? And when? I 'THINK' I can remember black and white shows as late as 1967. There might be shows from 1969 and maybe even 1970. I know one of the daytime soaps (Day After Tomorrow?) went colour right about then. Could Dark Shadows be the answer? (Nope, went colour in Fall of 1967) At any rate. I DO NOT know the answer. Curious about it, since I just acquired a complete set of the British BBC show Timeslip, a sort of Dr. Who without the Doctor, shot in 1970 ... in black and white.

Has any player ever worn the red, white and blue Major League baseball uniforms ... I mean the Red Sox, White Sox and Blue Jays uniforms? Dewayne Wise, an ex -Blue Jay turned White Sox, never played for Boston. Mike Timlin never played for the Pale Hose. After that, my mind shut down for possibilities.

A Nigerian comes from Nigeria. So what do you call a citizen of Niger?

Finally for this post, I just got a book from a favourite author as a belated birthday present. So how come I've never heard of Eoin Colfer's Benny and Omar before? Turns out it's a seven-year old book that mostly predates Colfer's Artemis Fowl books. If you go to and type in eoin colfer, you'll get three pages of Colfer books, none of them Benny and Omar. Type in Benny and Omar and you get a page of the book, each written by, get this, Eoin Colfer. IF you click on the Eoin Colfer link at, you will then get TWENTY EIGHT pages of Eoin Colfer material.


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