Sunday, June 08, 2008

BOOKS: Robert Asprin, R.I.P.

A while back, I re-read the first Alan Dean Foster books I ever read, the Icerigger trilogy. I enjoyed them as much as the first time I read them, some 30+ years ago. I took the time to email Foster my thanks for the many hours of enjoyment his writing had brought to me.

Wish I had done that for Robert Asprin, too. Asprin passed away last week and I'm sorry that there won't be another Time Agent or Phule's Company book to while away the late night hours. Asprin was better known (truth be told, MUCH better known) for the Thieve's World anthologies and most especially for the MythAdventures books. But to me, the action adventure Time Agent books and Phule's Company books that read like a science fictional marriage between the Phil Silvers Show and Hogan's Heroes, were much better. I looked forward to each new volume in the series, although there hadn't been a Time Agent book in more than a decade. I was sort of hoping it was time for a new Phule's Company book.

Guess I was wrong.

One of the reasons I struggle with writing something worth people remembering it, is because it's one way to stay long in the memories of those who read your work. It is a sort of immortality, especially for those of an agnostic vein. Asprin, whatever his beliefs, need not worry. We, his fandom, will be remembering him for a long time.

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