Friday, June 27, 2008

SPORTS: The Might Have Been

I'm still not completely sold on the O'Neal Deal for the Toronto Raptors. I edged closer to happiness when I found out the Pacers had coughed up the 41st overall pick in completing the deal. But the thing about happiness ... it can be fleeting.

As the second round started, I was depressed that one of my second-round jewels had been snapped up in the first round of the NBA draft. I was hoping DJ White would be around to serve as the replacement for Kris Humphries as an energetic rebounder with a chip on his shoulder. No such luck. Still, Richard Hendrix remained on the board as the names of who-he started disappearing off the available list. It got closer and closer to the Indiana-turned-Raptor pick. And there was still a name there. Could it be that the Raptors would luck out and get Chris Douglas-Roberts?

Names jumped onto the screen and time after time, it wasn't CDR's name. Golden State took Sonny Weems with the penultimate pick before the 41st, and suddenly, the Raptors were guaranteed to have either CDR or Hendrix, or both, available. But NOW I wanted Douglas-Roberts. THIS is why buffoons like me watch the wee hours of the draft. For buried treasure. Then Adam Silver, the NBA Second Round master of ceremonies, stepped to the podium and announced, "With the 40th pick in the draft, the New Jersey Nets select Chris Douglas-Roberts."


Then the broadcast cut to commercial. A LOOOONNNG commercial block. By the time the broadcast came back, the Toronto pick had been made. Nathan Jawai, the stocky Aussie Shaq-wannabe. A futures pick, rather than Hendrix. I'm sure we'll hear why in two weeks when the charade of 'Possible Trade,' comes to an end. I will be interested in the explanation. But I'm pretty sure it involves not much room under the cap and needing to stash a pick overseas, rather than having him show up in the fall at training camp. I've seen video of Jawai. He's not without talent, and he's a big man. BIIIG.

As for the ephemeral chance the Raptors had at adding a guy who they MIGHT have taken 17th, in the immortal words of Don Adams, "Sorry chief, missed it by THAT much!"

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