Monday, June 16, 2008

SOFTWARE: Firefox 3 Tuesday

Tuesday June 17th is going to be an interesting day on the Internet. It's the day Mozilla releases Firefox 3. And there is an attempt to set the stage for the day's downloads of Firefox 3 to set some sort of download record. Since any Microsoft Windows update PROBABLY exceeds whatever imaginative maximum the Mozilla folks have, I think it would be better to wait a couple of days before downloading it yourself. I know that's not in keeping with the Anti-MS Agenda, but patience does have some virtues. Not the least will be not running into congestion at the download sites.

And going through my normal load of sites I have to visit is going to be difficult enough tomorrow.

Should you take the plunge with Firefox 3? Eventually. But if you don't have some serious current complaints about Firefox (it IS a bit resource intensive, amongst a few current flaws), then wait until the first or second update comes out. Let others beta test.

I've used the third release candidate on one of my machines for about a week. It seems a bit faster. But it doesn't represent the difference between my Saturn and a Maserati. there are some visual differences and bookmarks work a little smarter. But then again, I've done a LOT of work on my bookmarks, so it won't save ME as much time. There's better security, but NoScript already does that for me with Firefox 2.x. I'm going to wait to upgrade myself, on the main machine Nuklon.

The issue for me will be the add-ins. Until I know Adblock, Aging Tabs, All-in-one Sidebar, Back to Top, Bookmark Duplicate Detector, CLEO, Context Highlight, Dictionary Search, DownThemAll!, Extended Statusbar, Fast Video Download, FAYT, FEBE, ImageZoom+, InForm Enter, Launchy, Neo Diggler, NoScript, Nuke Anything Enhanced, PDF Download, Print Preview, Redirect Remover, Repagination, Save Image in Folder, Screen Grab!, SourceForge Direct Download, Stop Autoplay, Tabbrowser Preferences, Table2Clipboard, Tabs Open Relative, Text Marker!, Toolbar Buttons, Undo Last Closed Tabs Button and URL Link are all available AND working in FF3, I'll be a little slow on the switch.

You, can go ahead if you please. But be careful!

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