Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SPORTS: Beware What You Wish For

Okay, Bryan Colangelo isn't the only Toronto sports executive hearing tick, tick, tick. Mind you, he's got the pleasant duty of deciding how to go about bettering his team, knowing most fans will back his decision. On the other hand, the louder tick, tick, tick you hear is the alarm clock next to Ted Rogers.

At some point, it will go off and Paul Godfrey and J.P. Ricciardi will be fired. Unless Clarence Gaston really does turn the team around, in which case Godfrey will stay. Ricciardi's toast either way.

But Tuesday's Toronto Star included Richard Griffin's latest brainstorm. Elevating Gaston to the GM's spot in Ricciardi's stead. See what I mean? The Blue Jays would be getting rid of a general manager who I despise for a GM whom I just generally dislike.

The scenario requires the Blue Jays win and score runs (Tuesday night's walloping of the visiting Cincy Reds ... and Adam Dunn, was a good start). It also requires Gaston decide a half-season of being back in the harness is enough and that he'd like to be in the firing and hiring position. That Godfrey would entertain the idea is a foregone conclusion. He's a sentimental man, if not much of a baseball executive. Much to my horror, this scenario has legs. It COULD happen. Oh well, anything to rid this town of the itinerant New Englander.

Oh, you ask what I'd do? Pat Gillick's out of contract at the end of the year. Make him Godfrey's replacement. I would let him make the GM decision, while shouting it's time for Gord Ash to be the latest Toronto comeback kid. And they would probably leave Gaston in place.

My dreams don't even have happy endings any more.

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