Tuesday, June 03, 2008

SOFTWARE: Look Up Above ...

Look up at the top of this blog. Above even the Mug Shots banner. There is a search box just where it should be (top left for those too artsy fartsy to think of their customers). Move a little to the right. Past the Flag Blog (you're here already). Now, think about clicking on the Next Blog link.


This is sort of like a roulette wheel of blogs. You could end up anywhere. Emphasis on anywhere. I tried it the other day and found myself going through a bunch of blogs, most of them about as interesting as this one. So judge accordingly. At least I THINK they were as interesting.

Seems most of the 'next' blogs connected to this one are in foreign languages. I found Spanish, Portugese and Japanese blogs. I think another one was Serbian. There were LOTS of Spanish ones.

It's interesting that Google's analysis engine fits me in with the foreign language set. Draw your own conclusions.

NOW try the link. Bye!

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