Sunday, June 29, 2008

MISC: This and That

Nothing's happening, so random thoughts and notes ...

I spend WAAAAY too much time worrying about what to do about my hands. The just seem to always get in the way. They hang over the end of the arms on my chair all day while at the computer. Getting them into a comfortable position while tossing and turning in bed is an on-going contributor to the tossing and turning. And forget knowing what to do with them while sitting as a visitor ... or worse, while attending a graduation or religious ceremony.

The movie reviews haven't been often kind to movies I was looking forward to. At least I wasn't disappointed when I finally saw Jumper. And 10,000 B.C. was SOOOO panned, I skipped the inevitable displeasure of watching the creators screw up a movie with Mastodons and Sabre-Toothed Tigers! So, Friday, I was opening the pages of the Toronto Star entertainment section to check out what Wanted was like. Hooray! Got a good review. I've wanted to see this one for awhile, and not just because Angelina Jolie gets down to basics and the buff. Mark Millar is an interesting comic book writer, violent and profane. The original series, which has only a passing connection to the movie plot, was an interesting read. I mostly hate Millar's work on mainstream Marvel characters. But his original stuff is mostly worth reading.

I'm not looking forward to Dead Man Smiling, aka Batman: The Dark Knight. Ultimately, Heath Ledger will take me right out of that movie.

My pal Rasho Nesterovic is leaving town. He's headed for Indiana with Maceo Baston and (happy to have him leave) T.J. Ford. Interesting side note about the deal. Indiana COULD have gotten Joey Graham instead of Baston, to pair with his twin brother Stephen. The Pacers also made a draft-night trade to bring in Brandon Rush, already having his brother Kareem. The Pacers COULD have had two sets of brothers at the same time, which I think would have been unprecedented. On the other hand, I think Joey would have replaced Stephen and I'm pretty certain the Rush brothers' reunion will be bittersweet. I see Kareem getting cut at the expense of his brother!

Spain won the Euro Soccer Cup, just as I predicted. Had I gotten more than half of the other games right, I'd have done a WHOLE LOT BETTER in the soccer pool. For a soccer game, the final wasn't bad entertainment.

I 'recycle' plastic bottles from soft drinks to fill with water from my refrigerator filtered system. I counted yesterday just how many bottles I had filled or awaiting filling. Came to 192. I need to do some recycling that actually ends up in the plastic being recycled, not re-used.

Canada celebrates a birthday Tuesday. Half my clients will be working that day, having taken a long weekend, the other half will work Monday before taking July 1 off.

And I don't which is which. I'll be working both days.

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