Friday, June 06, 2008

TV: Chris Boshing on Leno

I wanted Chris Bosh to slam dunk his performance as a guest correspondent on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday night. I'm guessing he was fouled in the attempt and made one of two from the free throw line.

Bosh is an engaging young man who stands an inch short of seven foot (or maybe a bit more than an inch) and plays all-star calibre basketball with the Toronto Raptors. He's shown an ability to be funny and innovative and Toronto could do a LOT worse than him being the face of Toronto Sports state-side.

I was surprised when NBC decided to do a 'live' remote from the first game of the NBA playoffs, since ABC had the rights to the broadcast. Sending Bosh, the star of numerous YouTube videos, to be a glib interviewer of his fellow NBA players was a surprise that I only learned about from Doug Smith's blog for the Toronto Star. I hoped for the best.

And I don't think I got it. These kind of mock interview sessions go best when the interviewer is a fish out of water. It was hard for Bosh to mock his fellow players, including an Olympic teammate such as Kobe Bryant. Some of it was that it was NBC writers doing the scripting. The rest was Bosh's nervousness. It came out a little forced and at other times, too much of an in-joke.

That said, it WAS as entertaining as most of these things are. But I bet we've seen the last of Chris Bosh, Tonight Show Correspondent.

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